The Hunters Coalition was founded in December 2003 by Furrycat, Ireu O'Neil, Terristen, and Ikaedoo and based on Dantooine just outside of Crystal Point, near the customer base and the Force Crystal Hunters Cave at that time. The Guild was a small group of adventurers and crafters who enjoyed group activities. THC soon outgrew their corner of Crystal Plains and moved to an open site just outside of the Imperial Outpost.

Soon the decision was made to move to Talus, for the crafters to be closer to their customers and the PvPers to be closer to the action. THC took up residence in Shadow Valley, as guests of SHDWS.

THC left Shadow Valley to replace the fallen city of Twin Rivers, they called the newly founded city Azaki. Differences in vision for the guild lead to division of the leaders council with Terristen and Ikaedoo leaving to join SHDWS. Of the two remaining Furrycat became mayor of Azaki.

The Combat Upgrade and New Game Experience caused a lot of the membership to cancel their accounts including both former founders. Ireu returned to rebuild what was left of THC and Azaki. Currently the Leaders council of THC consists of Aciam Elu, Briseis, and Ireu O'Neil. THC accepts mature veteran players.

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