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Tyranny is a Player Association (PA) on the Wanderhome Galaxy of Star Wars Galaxies. Tyranny was founded in the first days following NGE in an attempt to bring together loyal Imperials in the wake of the changes brought by Pub 25. Formed on 20 November 2005 and initially based out of City 66 on Talus, in mid-December 2005 the guild started the player city Stronghold of Tyranny just south of City 66. The city, now a Metropolis and Research Center, is now home to over 65 Tyrants.

Mission Edit

Tyranny has over 90 members (around 30 would be considered active) with three primary goals:

1. To assist the Emperor in bringing peace and order to the galaxy by engaging rebel forces with power and prejudice.

2. To help out fellow Tyrants with quests/missions.

3. To provide a mature and enjoyable social community to loyal Imperials.

Organization of TyrannyEdit

The general membership of Tyranny is comprised of Tyrants holding one of four ranks:

Recruit - newly recruited Tyrants serving a probationary period of two weeks. Recruits cannot place houses in the city or bring alts into the guild until after this period.

Private - new Tyrants past their probationary period.

Corporal - members who have been active in the guild for six weeks.

Sergeant - members who have been active in the guild for three months.

The staff of Tyranny is made up of those Tyrants who have shown incredible loyalty to the Empire, the Guild, and helping their fellow guild members in need.

Staff Sergeant - able to Sponsor new applicants.

Lieutenant - able to accept new recruits.

Captain - able to grant zoning rights in the Stronghold of Tyranny.

Major - able to set member titles and remove people from guild.

Colonel - rank held by the guild leader.

Joining TyrannyEdit

Loyal Imperials who are interested in joining Tyranny may request an application by sending an in-game mail to Exupery, Quich, Xnyj, or Angra.


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