Level: 37


  • 11440 quest xp


Madison Silene is missing a husband. She knows that a friend of his may have some information, but he won't talk to her anymore. She asks you to contact Bandor Mokk (-5314 -2397). Mokk is unwilling to tell you anything until you threaten him. He then fills you in: he does know where Kyran is, but he can't tell you, or someone will kill him for squealing. You convince him that you can protect him, and he sends you to deal with the person leaning on him, a female Zabrak named Faye (CL38) (-5289 -2521). Faye is on an eight-minute timer, so if she is not there just wait. Once she is dead, loot her datapad and read it.

Note: The datapad is no trade so if you are doing the quest in a group each person will have to disband or be out of range so each person can get their own datapad.

This Faye was quite a bad character - she seduces, drugs, and kidnaps her marks, and sells them into slavery. Return to Mokk and ask him about Kyran. Mokk tells you that something big is going on. Kyran is at a camp about 700m outside of town, but Mokk warns you to be careful. Travel there (-4697 -1880) and speak to Kyran to finish the quest.

Next: Incriminating Evidence

Note: While at the camp, talk to the four other people there to get additional side quests which can be completed as part of the next Legacy quest:

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