Tekil Barje lives in the frontier town of Wayfar on Tatooine.

/way tatooine -5270 -6566 Tekil Barje;

He has three missions concerning his friend Dagonel "Digger" Dimms and the Tusken Raiders.

Mission 1: Grey RotEdit

Tekil needs me to deliver some Vaccine to a friend of his out in the desert. Follow the waypoint to Digger Dimms. You will need to fight off three of the womp rats (CL 4), which gave him the grey rot. After you give him the vaccine, return to Tekil for your reward (1000cr and a Gaderiffi Baton).

Mission 2: Captured by TuskensEdit

Digger has been captured by the sand people and you need to rescue him. He is being held by 2 Tusken Raiders (CL 30). After you kill the Tuskens, speak with "Digger", and return to Tekil for your reward (2000 credits and a pair of Tusken Raider boots).

Mission 3: Take out a Tusken raiding partyEdit

Tuskens are now sending raiding parties against many of the local moisture farmers in retaliation for rescuing "Digger" and killing a couple of their warriors. You're asked to lend a hand in protecting the farmers. At the waypoint you'll find 4 Tusken Raiders (CL 30). After you kill these Tuskens return to Tekil for your reward (3000 credits and a Tusken Raider robe).

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