Level: 39


  • 17530 xp


Trins Evnar was the name the spice dealer gave you, and CorSec has him under observation. Now, you need to take his place in the Council to see what you can find out. Go to his house (3254 5453), gather as much information on him as you can, and eliminate him. Evnar's house is guarded by:

  • Chirq Council Guard (CL39)
  • Trins Evnar (CL38)

Search the house and investigate Evnar's datapad, answer service, and data terminal for clues to his movements, mannerisms, and contacts. When you have them, return to Cpt. Baize. She sends you to take out Evnar's four direct contacts in the Council, and destroy a mainframe computer (3659 5351). At the first camp is:

  • Seyda Shae (CL38)
  • Genovan Jasha (CL38)
  • Chirq Assassins (CL37)

At the second camp (3133 5293) is:

  • Jade McDonagh (CL42) non-aggressive

When Jade is killed, the quest updates.

Next: The Chirq Council: Assumed Identity - Part Two

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