Level: 39


  • 17530 xp


Use the CorSec computer to make a fake CorSec ID for Puckett, to fool Jzoro. Take the ID to Jzoro, who is deeply impressed. He even gives you his mainframe access and Kazic's job, so you can see exactly what the Red Circle is into. Exactly what you need. At this point, your cover is unimportant. Kill anyone in your way.

  • Kill 7 Chirq Lookouts (CL38)
  • Kill 9 Chirq Wardens (CL39)
  • Access Jzoro's mainframe /way 2552 5572

A man named Galvain Tark outside the Chirq bunker offers a side quest inside the bunker concening his prized racing Durni:

Once you access the mainframe, you learn that the Chirq Council is controlled by nine people known as the Elite Council. Return with this information to Cpt. Baize.

Next: The Chirq Council: The Elite Council

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