The First Council Bunker


The Second Council Bunker

Level: 39



Captain Baize says that your work uncovering the true leaders behind the Chirq Council has paid off, and now there is only one thing left to do: destroy the nine leaders (CL40) of the Elite Council, the masterminds behind the entire operation! Intelligence reports that there are two Elite bunkers. The first one (2457 5047) contains:

/way purple 2524 5118 Rallyn Secura;
/way purple 2435 5150 Mathezar Zayet;
/way purple 2399 5046 Crale Forte;
/way purple 2513 5038 Atlan Dubreas;

Close to the first bunker is a woman named Cara (/way 2545 5093). The Chirq Council has kidnapped her husband, and she begs you to help her. This is a side quest available in the bunker:

Beside the entrance to the first bunker is Teniel Warag (/way 2450 5034), who offers a side quest:

Close to the second bunker are a pair of CorSec agents [Hurley Klakk (/way 3922 4829); Chun Solso at (/way 3922 4829)] who need help with some assignments inside the second bunker. These are offered as side quests:

There is another side quest at the second bunker available from Jaalib Rigel (an environmentalist) located at /way 4007 4869.

Once the first bunker is cleared of the leaders, travel to the second bunker (4009 4843) and leave none alive:

  • Level One:
    • Markus Gilder (4056 4985)
    • Braganti Hooge (4092 4943, patrolling)
    • Koran Lassk (4062 4890)

Once these are dead, take the elevator down (4005 4890) and locate the following:

  • Level Two:
    • Janos Zarbo (4075 4890)
    • Zuld Mar-Shayal Silver Elite(4067 4853)
/way orange 4056 4985 Markus Glider;
/way orange 4092 4943 Braganti Hooge;
/way orange 4062 4890 Koran Lassk;
/way orange 4075 4890 Janos Zarbo;
/way orange 4067 4853 Zuld Mar-Shayal Silver Elite;

After all nine are permanently neutralized, return to Cpt. Baize. She thanks you and tells you that you are needed by CorSec on Talus, in Nashal.

Next: Travel to Talus

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