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Apprehend a suspected Force-sensitive Twi'lek hiding on Endor and find the Rebels who have been aiding him.

Speak to Inquisitor Redge (/way 2382 292 -3967)

Head to Endor, and then the Marauder's Stronghold. The camp is located not too far outside the Stronghold at /way -4611 -2538. Kill Zalbar Jyvun, who is a CL 87 Elite.

The datapad is located inside the tent at /way -4607 -2546. You can take the datapad via the radial menu. Your mission will update and you will need to head to a Rebel camp on Lok. You will be given the general location of the camp; its specific location is /way -6075 5959.

You will need to fight your way through CL 86 Rebel Troopers to get to the crate of supplies. The first crate can be found outside at /way -6077 5951. The second crate can be found inside the small building at /way -6063 5944. Next head into the bunker and destroy the crates as you make your way to the bottom. The crates can be found at the following locations:

/way lok -6100 5955 Rebel Crate #1;
/way lok -6103 5965 Rebel Crate #2;
/way lok -6113 5957 Rebel Crate #3;
/way lok -6103 5966 Rebel Crate #4;

The Rebel Commander spawns at the last room at /way -6102 5959. He's a CL 87 Elite. Once you kill him, return to Loam Redge to claim your reward.

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