Recommended combat levels: 80 and higher

This quest is started by examining the datapad on a display stand in the Salvage Bandit's Camp which is located in the South-West corner of the Mustafar map at -3136 -3052. This datapad is the journal of a Jedi from the days of the Clone Wars whose Clone Troopers just turned on him, forcing him to hide. In his last entry he says that he just saw a Trade Federation ship landing at the Old Mining Facility and that he believes it won't take long before either the droids or the Clone Troopers find him and kill him, which is why he hid his belongings, and put someone or something named Cobak in charge of defending them.

Level: 75

Find the Journal Edit

The camp is crawling with Salvage Bandit Thugs (CL 68) and Salvage Bandit Enforcers (CL 70) led by two Salvage Bandit chiefs (CL 72). The datapad can be found at the coordinates -3136 -3052 and is protected by Boss Uruli (CL 78 Elite) and five Salvage Bandits enforcers (CL 72). Just click on it to receive the quest in your journal.

Find and Kill Cobak Edit

Cobak is located in a Jedi's camp at /way 1666 1863. He is a CL 80 Xandank, and is protected by six CL 78 Xandank Stalkers.

Cobak and his protectors are on a 10 minute spawn timer.

After you killed him, the following message pop-up: The tag on the collar read: Cobak - 78452

Click on the container located between the rocks and enter the code to open it and complete the quest.

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