The Master Hunter Quest is a series of Hunts on Tatooine.


Recommended combat levels: 20 and higher

You will find Mat Rags at /way -2974 2457 in Mos Espa on Tatooine.

He will challenge you to Hunt some Tatooine creatures to prove your value.

The Desert squillEdit

Hunt a level 1 Desert squill at the given location.


  • 2000 credits.

The Greater Desert WompratEdit

Hunt a level 1 Greater Desert Womprat at the given location.


  • 4000 credits

The Matriarch BanthaEdit

Hunt a level 14 Matriarch Bantha at the given location.


  • 6000 credits

The Grizzled DewbackEdit

Hunt a level 19 Grizzled Dewback at the given location.


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