Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher

Begin this quest by talking to the Urup Fal’co in the Mensix Mining Facility on Mustafar.

The Mining CorporationEdit

  • Talk to Urup Fal’co in the Mensix Mining Facility (/way 307 -1226). He will inform you about the miners’ strike. He would like you to help resolve the issue by convincing Nurfa Laz’op to return to the negotiating table.
  • Head to the striking miners’ camp: /way -2516 1470
  • Talk to Nurfa Laz’op. He states that he will return to negotiations if you can collect 10 Tulrus eggs from Tulrus Isle.

Tulrus Nesting GroundsEdit

  • Travel to Tulrus Isle (the Tulrus Nesting Grounds POI) just east of the central volcano. You must enter the nesting grounds from the southern end of the isle.
  • The lairs are the large blue rocks on each side of the valley; you can only grab 1 egg from each lair.
  • You should be able to ride up one side of the nesting grounds and back down the other to find all 10 of the nests. If, however, you have trouble finding all ten here are the individual waypoints (in copy paste format):
/way 983 705 nest;
/way 1109 993 nest;
/way 1204 524 nest;
/way 1243 318 nest;
/way 1105 185 nest;
/way 970 -326 nest;
/way 1335 -281 nest;
/way 1353 -208 nest;
/way 1306 -33 nest;
/way 938 -83 nest;

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