Targeting Assistance Mem-Stik


Skaak radio

Previous Quest: To Naboo (Imperial)

Level: 22


Now that you're on Naboo, you must find new information that will lead you to the droid technology you seek.

Head to the old Naboo War Bunker at /way 5549 6926, near Kaadara. Go to the lowest level, find the device "A mysterious device of unknown origin" and click it.

Captain Panaka will contact you via the comlink to report back to him. Speak with him at /way 5197 6711, and he will send you to kill Skaak Tippers. Before you start this portion of the quest, make sure that you at least have one open inventory slot. Kill 11 Skaaks at the Naboo War Bunker.

After killing the final Skaak Tipper, a message will tell you that you've found a radio. The radio is placed in your inventory, so radial and activate to use it. This will give you a waypoint to /way 5486 6406 Smuggled Weapons Meeting.

You must kill the Skaak Tiipers (CL21+) until you've obtained 10 crates of weapons. After finishing, the quest will update and tell you to report back to Captain Panaka.

Waypoint Reference:

/way naboo 5549 6926 Naboo War Bunker
/way naboo 5197 6711 Captain Panaka
/way naboo 5486 6406 Smuggled Weapons Meeting
Next Quest: Tipping the balance

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