After gaining the trust of the village, Chief Kallaarac now has more tasks for you. The first is getting rid of some very dangerous creatures that are threatening the village.

Note: You must first finish the Myyydril Trust quests to be able to take this quest.

Level: 80


Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher

Conversation with KallaaracEdit

Kallaarac: I've decided to trust you and I have tasks only set for the most willing and noble of our people. So far, you have proven yourself. We often find ourselves in unfortunate situations. Recently, it seems we have an influx of Urnsor'is infestation in the halls beyond this village. I need you to kill 15 of them.
PC: That's quite a task. But I'm willing.
Kallaarac: Good. Go forth and slaughter them so that we may live in continued peace.

Defeat 15 Urnsor'isEdit


Urnsor'is Soldier


Now that you've gained the trust of the Myyydril people, Chief Kallaarac has sent you to complete a very important task. Currently, the Urnsor'is are advancing dangerously. Chief Kallaarac needs you to thin their numbers by killing 15 of them.

You don't have to head far into the depths of the Myyydril Caverns to find the Urnsor'is. (-180 -198 -275) Kill 15 of them.

Return to KallaaracEdit

Kallaarac: Remarkable. I've heard of your success, my friend, against the Urnsor'is. Our people have calmed more and are going about their normal lives again. We thank you.
PC: I'm glad to have helped.
Kallaarac: You deserve a token of our gratitude. Please accept this.
PC: Thank you.
Kallaarac: I must speak with my advisors. I do have other tasks for you. Please speak with me in a moment.

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