Thracken Sal Solo

Thracken Sal Solo can be found in a Coronet guild hall, on Corellia.

/way corellia -275 -4720 Thracken Sal Solo

Game InfoEdit

He hands out missions relating to corellian affairs such as the Drall and Selonians:

  • Kill a Selonian terrorist
    • Rewards: 100 credits
  • Talk with Jermo Tharrn after taking out the 2 selonian sentinels
    • Rewards: 200 credits
  • Kill Tormyll Fassoola and bring back his blackmail disk, the Diktat's Death Squad
    • Rewards: none
  • Kill the Selonian Leader and his guards
    • Rewards: none

Good. Go find them and don't leave any of those vermin alive. I am counting on you.
—Thracken Sal Solo, Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars LoreEdit

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