Previous Quest: The Tip-off (Rebel) or The Tip-off (Imperial)

Level: 22

+ 20 Constitution stat Jacket

RSF Jacket

Some Skaak Tippers are planning to steal all of the bank terminals from Kaadara and then attempts to hack into them. To stop them before they can strike, Colonel Panaka wants you to assault thier hideout.


Recommended combat levels: 23 and higher

Defeat Skaak Tippers at the Island HideoutEdit

The island you are sent to is a little over 1500m away. On this island, you need to kill at least 16 Skaak Tippers. Find Jonni Skaak (/way 6746, 7164 ; go inside the bunker. Once in, travel the hall that will lead you to a room shaped like a + plus sign. Go to the left and take the first hall on the left which leads to a large room with two smaller rooms on each side. One room has a rounded wall the other is a smaller rectangular room. It is also the room to the left, take this room. You will see Jonni in the back. There are 4, including Jonni, level 21 Skaaks. Jonnie is NOT elite, if you have read this from an outdated source.

      • Note***

Once you kill Jonnie, be sure to loot him for the journal and read (inspect) it to start quest "The Life and Death of Jonni Skaak ".

Next Quest: Report to Lt. Col. Typho

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