Throne of Chaos

General information Edit

City: Zitadelle des Chaos / Talus

  • Guild founded by Eleena
  • German / English speaking guild
  • Only German speaking players are accepted to join the guild
  • Founded on: XXX ???

History Edit

This is how it all started... Everything began after Eleena left a player city because of some conflicts. After all this trouble Eleena decided to settle down in the deep deserts of Tatooine. Some people followed her and pushed her to start a new city, because they told her she was a good Mayoress. Unfortunately there were not enough people to start a new and costly city. So these stranded people decided to form a guild and simply call themselves "The Pirates".

After some time more people joined and it was decided to merge with another guild and join their city. Said and done. The wanderers moved to "Paradise City" and called themselves "Anchorhead Alee". Unfortunately only a few splinters of the guild who owned the city were remaining.

This was not a good situation and so the "Anchorhead Alee" were again looking for a bigger guild. During this process the guild was renamed "Throne of Chaos", because of the quite hectic and chaotic circumstances at that time. And "TOC" sounds good too :)

Two guilds were considered to be fitting the needs of the TOC, but unfortunately after some time those two guilds also were collapsing. Luckily the TOC still held together and decided to build their own city. The search for a good spot and sufficient space began. After a while the TOC stumbled across a Ghosttown with only a few remaining buildings. The 11 registered citizens had vanished for a long time. The building lot was big and the zoning rights were not restricted. So the TOC decided to overtake this city and soon a new mayor was elected. All former citizens were gone so the development of the city could start immediately.

Until today the idyllic city "Zitadelle des Chaos" is existing on the planet Talus near Dearic.

Why don't you take the next shuttle and have a look?

Philosophy Edit

"Guild means: Community" - Eleena

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