Captain Redding

Talk to Captain Redding (4772, 5787) to take this quest.

Level: 80
Prerequisites: None
Repeatable: Yes


The Alliance needs to secure any remains of the Imperial research in Restuss. You've been tasked with aiding in securing the city by defeating 20 Imperial soldiers.

Getting the quest from Captain ReddingEdit

There are two ways to get this quest from Captain Redding:
1) If you have not taken a quest from Captain Redding before, this will be the first misson he gives you.
2) If you have done this quest before, when you speak to Captain Redding, chose the option that says, "Not sure I'm prepared for that yet, sir. Anything else I can do?"

You need to travel into Restuss, find, and kill 20 Imperial Stormtrooper NPCs.

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