Certification Advanced Fighters
Mass ~40k
Role Light fighter
Crew Pilot only
Weapon Mounts Projectile weapon x1
Ordnance x1
Astromech Technology Flight computer
Acceleration 40
Deceleration 50
Yaw Rate 400
Pitch Rate 400
Roll Rate 200
Speed Modifier 1.0
Pictures Textures

The "Kihraxz" Assault Fighter is available as one of two available for privateer pilots at Tier 2. Its light mass means that it is fast but holds fewer weapons than the Kimogila. This ship, manufactured by TransGalMeg, sports only one weapon and weaker armor, but makes up for its lack of weaponry with quicker maneuverability. Privateers can choose either this ship or the Kimogila heavy fighter at Tier 2.

Star Wars Lore Edit

The "Kihraxz" (ki-Rax) Assault Fighter is able to quickly close with and surgically attack its target before they are aware. TransGalMeg's design emphasis for this ship was on speed, and as a result defenses are at a premium and weapons loadout is reduced. This might be seen as a dire limitation, but the maneuverability of the ship is such that it can normally avoid attacks that it would not be able to withstand. Although a cheaper ship, a number of pilots continue to fly the "Kihraxz" even though they could afford something larger, simply because the ship's performance suits their personal combat style.

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