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The Transport Skiff is also known as Desert Skiff. Skiffs are often pressed into passenger duty, especially on poor frontier worlds that can't afford better-suited vehicles. These surface utility vehicles are named after Banthas (hardy work beasts found throughout the galaxy).

Surface utility vehicles used for the transport of passengers and cargo, skiffs are simple repulsorlift platforms that float about on antigravity fields. A single pilot stands at a tiller's position at the rear of the skiff and guides the vehicle by manipulating two dish-shaped steering vanes on each side of the craft. To assist in cargo handling, the skiff features loading planks and a powerful electromagnet for lifting heavy loads aboard.

It should also be mentioned that Jabba the Hutt employs a small fleet of Ubrikkian Bantha-II 9.2-meter long cargo skiffs as companion craft for his excellency's sail barge.

This exciting vehicle will carry you and 7 passengers across the galaxy in style. That's a full group of 8 players in 1 vehicle! The skiff not only holds an entire group, but it is also the fastest multiplayer ground vehicle in the game - it also has the ability to travel through lava without heat damage like Lava Flea or Lava Skiff.


  • Speed: Best
  • Acceleration: Good
  • Climb: Good
  • Turn: Good


  • Hotfix 16.8 changed the deed from No-Trade to Tradable
  • Vehicle in datapad is No-Trade
  • Carries 8 people
  • Hitpoints: 1500
  • Can be customized with a Vehicle Customization Kit
  • If disabled, can only be restored by using a Vehicle Restoration Kit
  • Immune to Lava Damage
  • Mounted Vehicle Protection: Ranged chance to receive Glancing Blow modified by 20%

How to ObtainEdit

This vehicle was a special reward for Pre-Ordering Star Wars Galaxies: Trials of Obi-Wan. It is a one per account item.

Source: Corellia Times Consumer Reports: Vehicles - Star Wars Galaxies website

Star Wars LoreEdit

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