Travel to Kashyyyk and speak with Olima Grunc, located in Kachirho outside the Trandoshan Slave camp (221 40), to begin this quest.

  • Level:45
  • Reward:
    • 215XP
    • 10,000 credits

Travel to EtyyyEdit

It seems that Olima procures meat for the Trandoshan Slavers in Kachiro, but they will only eat a certain type of Uller liver, the sort only found in the Etyyy hunting grounds. Olima needs hunters such as yourself to enter Etyyy and find perfect, undamaged uller livers. The uller elsewhere will not do - only uller from Etyyy.

Hunt the UllerEdit

Enter the hunting grounds (you must already have access to Etyyy) and travel to the uller pastures (527 -110). Begin to hunt the uller (any in this location will do) until you get a system message saying "Undamaged Liver Found." Continue to hunt uller until you have located ten of them. Return to Olima for your reward and to end this quest.

This quest is repeatable. Speak to Olima and tell him you would like more work to automatically begin this quest again.

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