Trehla Keelo

Trehla Keelo is a female human located in Mos Eisley, Tatooine.

/way tatooine 3484 -4808 Trehla Keelo

If you chose the option "But I don't know anything about Mos Eisley!" during the quest Bib's Offer, you will be sent to this NPC. She will start you on the quest The First Step.

Trehla's quest is NOT part of the Legacy Quest series - however, if the character has completed the pre-NGE, post-CU New Character tutorial, they may speak to Trehla Keelo and select the option to "Get back to work". Trehla Keelo will then direct the character to Vourk Ver'Zremp whom will start them on Bad for Good in the Legacy quest.

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