Description from SWG:
The nesting grounds are the traditional breeding grounds of the tulrus. The tulrus have successfully driven out most predators from their island in order to better protect thier young. Only the jundak (and Sher Kar, of course) manage to survive on the island.

The Tulrus Nesting Grounds is located at the northern part of a valley located on the island just east of the Mensix Mining Facility. The valley is filled with many different variations of the Tulrus. Like the SWG description above states, the only other creatures on this island are the Jundak and the Sher Kar. All the creatures in the valley or on the island are aggressive, have a natural CL70+, and usually travel in large groups.

Like most POI's on Mustafar, you don't get an exploration badge from traveling to the waypoint. Also, once you enter the valley, it may be difficult to leave by climbing the walls. Most of the time, you must turn around and travel back to the opening in the southern part of the island.


At the northern most part of the valley is the Sher Kar Cave. This cave is currently sealed, but may be opened with the Omniglobular Syringe; a device created from Warmly Glowing Poison Gland, Warmly Glowing Dispersal Unit, and Warmly Glowing Reactive Antidote.

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