This quest is part of the Legacy quest series, this is one of the choices of quests you can do that are given out by Captain Typho.


Recommended combat levels: 23 and higher

Kill 15 Maulers Edit

The Mauler gang has staged a siege against some outlying farmers. The siege was broken up, but many of the Maulers are still hanging around the area, and Typho wants you to make sure they don't harm any citizens.

Get Stolen Goods from Mauler Champions Edit

Typho wants you to track down Mauler Champions, to see if they have stolen any experimental weapons while the siege was occurring. They do not appear to be in the bunker. Typho sent you the location of a secondary Mauler base where they may be stationed. /way 2543. 1903

Gather Intel from Mauler Apprentice Edit



The Maulers appear to be planning something big. Head to (2272 1909) and find out information on the Maulers. See if you can figure out what it is they're up to.

Kill 7 Mauler Apprentices

Find Mauler Encoder Edit

The Mauler messages are encoded, so you will need the Maulers Encoding Device to figure out what they are up to. One of the Mauler Lords might have one.

Head to the bottom of the Mauler Stronghold at (2944 1232) and kill Mauler Lords CL27 until you get the Encoder. or (2825 1177)

Use the RSF Computer in Theed Palace Edit


RSF Computer Uplink

The RSF Computer located (waypoint -5532 4541, after the entrance, 2nd pair of rooms adjacent to the main path, left one - just before the large semi-circular room with the RSF pilot trainer, Captain Dinge) inside Theed Palace should help you decode these messages from the Maulers.

Stop the Mauler Usurper Edit

A Mauler Warlord is planning on taking over the Mauler gang for himself. He's going to rally his troops and take Keren, in an effort to show the old Mauler leader. You have to stop him before he gets his people organized. He's going to be gathering people in the lowest levels of the Mauler Stronghold. Get over there and stop him.

Head back to the Mauler Stronghold at 2830 1145 and defeat the Mauler Usurper.

Return to Typho Edit

You need to return to Typho to officially sign off on this mission.


  • Experience: 7524(Quest Combat)
  • Faction: 200 (Naboo Security Forces)
  • Money: 1000 credits
  • Filled Pastry

Next MissionEdit

Report to Lt. Col. Typho

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