Tyrena is a city important to the Rebellion, as it serves as a major recruiting station and briefing center for Alliance Pilots. The city itself is split into two major sections connected by long bridges. Players can travel to either section by shuttling to the appropriate shuttleport, or by taking a lengthy stroll from one to the other.

City Services Edit

Tyrena 1

The western half of Tyrena, under Imperial control.

Facilities for City NameEdit

Trainers for City NameEdit

  • Rebel Pilot Trainer (-5177, -2281)

Faction LocationsEdit

Quest GiversEdit

/way corellia -5201 -2566 Crev Bombaasa;
/way corellia -5508 -2557 Didina Lippinoss;
/way corellia -5193 -2545 Excited Journalist;
/way corellia -5517 -2808 Hal Horn;
/way corellia -xxxx -xxxx Jom Irimore;
/way corellia -5232 -2519 Karena Keer;
/way corellia -5520 -2643 Matarmeno Krahnn;
/way corellia -5203 -2488 Noren Krast;
/way corellia -5239 -2509 Shalera the Hutt;

Star Wars LoreEdit

Tyrena is located on the Golden Beaches in western Corellia, and is an extremely popular destination for the tourists who have come to bask on the shimmering sands. It is a large city, and a loud one, about what you would expect from a city whose primary business is catering to tourists. It boasts a variety of facilities to ensure that visitors don't have to go somewhere else to find what they need.

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