Level: 30


  • 13755 Quest XP
  • 9518 credits
  • Nass Cryo Bombs (thrown weapons)


Boss Nass tells you he learned nothing about the droid module you need from the droids, and now it is time to go directly to the Ultragungans. Another kill mission:

  • 12 Ultragungan foot soldiers (CL29) at the camp (/way -1993 -5065)
  • 11 Ultragungan Droidtechs (CL30)

Once the camps are more or less cleared, find a toolkit used by the droidtechs (/way -1840 -5075). Then, return and speak to Boss Nass to complete the Quest.

After this quest completes, Nass tells you that you have to travel to the Ultragungan Bunker to obtain the droid module you seek. Go there (/way -1857 -5597) and fight your way into the bunker. The CL 28 Super Battle Droid you are looking for is at the very bottom level of the bunker (/way -1901 -5577). Destroy it, and you will loot the AI chip you need. You get a message to return to the RSF Mainframe in Theed. Go there now.

Next: Bring the droid modules to Wilson Tchorshel (Rebel)/Lt. Maximilian Vox (Imperial)

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