Unity is a mixed Guild representing all factions and based in Prometheus, on Lok, on the FarStar server.

Members of Unity are asked to conduct themselves with maturity and courtesy (although this rule is frequently ignored).

Periodic 'culls' of members take place, and guildies who have been absent for a prolonged period of time are removed from the guild. A member so removed is, however, sent an email of explanation, and an invitation to return.

Whereas most members come from the UK, Unity also has members from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, and the USA.

Guild Hunts are spontaneous events, but take place infrequently. Help is given in all areas: instruction to new players, grouping in order to tackle difficult Quests, sharing resources.

Should you wish to become a member email Ziso, the Mayor of Prometheus, in order to become a citizen of Prometheus. Then email Nubius, Leader of Unity, to request membership* in the guild. You can also request to join the Guilds Combat City Imladris on Rori (Mayor: Nubius.)

For more information on Unity please visit our site on

  • Due to new regulations filling in an application form may be required.

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