Recommended combat levels: 75 and higher

Begin this quest by talking to Pletus Croix in northwest corner of Mustafar.

Level: 75

Pletus CroixEdit

  • Talk to Pletus Croix; he can be found standing next to his speeder near the northwestern corner of Mustafar ( /way -2911 2832 Pletus Croix; ) He explains he is a Nabooian historian who was ambushed by Razor Runners while documenting ancient glyphs on Mustafar. He would like you to complete the documentation by locating and inspecting three glyphs.
  • The glyphs are surrounded by Razor Runner Troopers (CL 79), Razor Runner Shock Troopers (CL 80), and Razor Runner Elite Troopers (CL 80 & 82). If you hurry in, copy the glyph, and hustle back out you should be able to avoid the aggro.
  • The glyphs are located in nearby ruins. Head to these ruins and copy the glyph markings using the radial menu.
/way -2504 3051 Glyph of Mustafar That Is;
/way -2414 3009 Glyph of Mustafar in Change;
/way -2415 3108 Glyph of Mustafar That Was;
  • Return to Pletus Croix.
  • You will only be able to return two of the glyph copies; chunks of the third glyph have been chipped away. Pletus asks that you go retrieve these pieces from the Razor Runners.

Razor Runner BossesEdit

  • First, you must defeat Captain Relgon Starkill. Captain Starkill is a CL 82 elite MOB. He will spawn near /way -2553 3040.
  • Next, you must defeat Commander Hal Razor. Commander Razor is a CL 85 elite MOB. He will spawn near /way -2420 3014.
  • Return to Pletus Croix for your reward.

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