>> Publish 9

(Publish 9.3)

  • Travel Decreased starport wait times to 5 minutes.

Swoop Tracks

  • The The Keren City Street Circuit is now Live! Race your speeder through beautiful downtown Keren. Stop and check in with the race droid at Naboo 1396 2686 .


  • Poisons and diseases no longer automatically hit, but now have a chance to hit based on their potency. Most current poisons & diseases will affect the target a similar amount of time. The resistance effectiveness of the Poison Resist & Disease Resist Buffs will reduce the chance of being affected by a poison or disease. There will always be a 5% chance of being affected and a 5% chance of resisting no matter how high the resistance or potency ratings get.
  • Added message to target when they resist a poison or disease

Wookiee Armor

  • Adjusted the encumbrance values on the Hunting and Black Mountain Wookiee chest armor pieces.


  • Increased turret hitpoints for Faction Bases and Free standing turrets:
    • Large Tower Turret: 300000
    • Medium Tower Turret: 200000
    • Small Tower Turret: 75000
    • Large Block Turret: 300000
    • Medium Block Turret: 200000
    • Small Block Turret: 75000
    • Large Dish Turret: 300000
    • Small Dish Turret: 75000


  • Increased the Crafting Quest practice XP reward for crafting jobs by a small amount

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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