>> Publish 1

  • Reset resource pools for both Lowca and Radiant clusters.
  • Fixed a problem where AI would stop at city boundaries.
  • Reduced the chance of weapon decay from overcharge shot.
  • Reduced the chance of weapon decay on weapons with powerups.
  • Fixed an additional robe/backpack combination where the backpack would not appear in your inventory.
  • Fixed a problem where the Rantok Sword couldn't be picked up after the G-5PO mission.
  • Added additional information to the loading screen.
  • Added ability to specify the vertex and pixel shader version in the SwgClient setup program.
  • Fixed a problem where the interest icon (The Big Yellow I) for NPCs would remain after death.
  • Improved Interest indicator (The Big Yellow I is now the Rotating Blue I) over NPC heads.
  • Harvesters must now be empty and off in order to redeed them.
  • Corrected position of names on the overhead map.
  • Added missing piece of personal chemical harvester.
  • Reduced the frequency of puke effect after consuming spice.
  • Fixed roulette betting bug where players would pay total amount, but display would only show cash.
  • Upped roulette table capacity to 10 players from 5.
  • Upped roulette max bet to 10000 credits from 1000.
  • Fixed a problem where you could bet over the maximum prescribed amount.
  • Added the ability to voluntarily remove powerups from weapons.
  • Powerup crafting: experimenting on a powerup will now be reflected real-time in the item attributes window.
  • Powerup crafting: powerup names may now be changed and will reflect the crafted name if altered.
  • Powerup crafting: experimentation on a powerup now increases the initial attribute values instead of re-rolling them.
  • Powerup crafting: powerup schematics should now receive the appropriate attributes of the final experimented prototype.
  • Powerup manufacturing: per above, crafted powerups will now be identical to the final attributes of the prototype in the experimentation window.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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