>> Publish 10

(Publish 10.2)

  • Email: Emails are now limited to 4000 characters.
  • Misc: Weapon and armor equipping should now be visible in the command queue
  • Vehicles and Droids: Increasing customization lifespan for vehicles and droids to 200 calls
  • Vehicles: Customization fade-away for vehicles will now work like droids (fade to white)
  • Vendors: Fixed a problem where some players were not able to create or initialize the correct number of vendors.
  • Hero of Tatooine: Players who completed all four parts but were unable to get the final badge and reward should be able to get them now.
  • Commodities Market: Added time remaining field for available items on the Bazaar
  • Commodities Market: Added time remaining field a players own items that are for sale on a vendor.
  • FS Quests: Padawan trials - Fixed Pannaqa not giving trial task if player restarts or fails.
  • FS Quests: Padawan trials - Fixed trial target automatically attacking if player has lost enough faction standing in that NPCs faction.
  • FS Quests: Padawan trials - Fixed being able to speak with vanquished trial targets.
  • FS Quests: Updated Whip so that he knows you gave him a crate and didn't actually lose a crate.
  • FS Quests: Fixed dialog with the planter NPC in the village (typos)
  • FS Quests: Phase 3 combat - Both parties now get reward in team complete.
  • FS Quests: Phase 3 combat - Added system message to indicate that group mate has completed the "kill 5 enemies" step.
  • Theme park: Updated Nym's conversation. If the player has the items he'll delete them, and if not he doesn't care.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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