>> Publish 9


  • Added /auction and /planet commands for the new channels. These commands allow the player to send auction and chat messages to the proper window while managing multiple chat windows.
  • Players will no longer be autojoined to private rooms as this could make these rooms public in some cases.
  • Players should no longer be able to create a room name with "..", starting with a "." or containing a space.


  • Fixed bug that prevented Warcry and Intimidate from generating TEF's


  • Fixed an issue that was causing the failure of FRS demotions due to unaccepted challenges.
  • Fixed some issues that would cause Jedi visibility to sometimes reset to zero.


  • You should now be able to loot the Mark of Courage item from the Ferocious Beast, even if you have acquired the Mark of Courage badge from before the Hero of Tatooine revamp.


  • Fixed a problem where vehicles would store too quickly or at the wrong time


  • Improved server stability
  • Adjusted some server boundaries on Tatooine for a speed improvement in Mos Eisley

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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