>> Publish 0

  • Fix for sometimes not getting XP/Loot from creatures
  • Fixed vendor completed sales dissapearing and assertion when negotiating bugs
  • Upped group combat experience
  • Survey mission fixes
  • Berserk1 damage lowered
  • Fixed inability to abort some destroy missions
  • Many fixes to the Rebel Hideout and Jabba's Palace Quests
  • Shader fix for cantina wall trim missing from debug DirectX clients
  • Improved spawning locations for many NPCs (so fewer of them will be in walls)
  • If you were in a building when you died, and you left a corpse, and then that building was deleted, your corpse would be gone. We now put that corpse on the terrain of where the building was.
  • Fix for bluff-loop when creatures attempt to bluff someone away from their lair
  • Client now informs user if they don't meet the minimum specs (256 MB of ram) and exits
  • Fixed some xp distribution bugs
  • Improved client stability

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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