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  • Changed harvesters such that when you re-deed a harvester both maintenance and power will carry over.
  • Fixed a PVP DOT exploit. Damage Over Time (DOT) attacks now result in a Temporary Enemy Flag. (TEF)
  • Fixed a problem where a factory would become non-functional when completing manufacture of the last item in a schematic run.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Reduced armor piercing class from heavy to light.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Increased fire rate.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Reduced the overall damage per second.
  • T-21 Rifle update: Increased chance to hit.
  • After the Monthly Update, some Mon Cal and Trandoshan females lost their customization data. We've fixed it so this can't happen again. Additionally, if you haven't been to an Image Designer, you should revert to your pre-update status.
  • Fixed a problem where the Sarlacc would lose its special attack.
  • Solved a problem where creatures occasionally wouldn't attack you if you were standing in a lair.
  • Made it more difficult to delete a character, thus reducing the frequency of accidental deletes.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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