>> Publish 4

  • Improved client stability
  • Player Cities: You can no longer set taxes on outposts. Any current outposts with taxes will have their taxes reset to 0.
  • Player Cities: Cities now require 10 citizens to be valid. All other city rank population requirements have been raised by 5. Existing new cities will need 10 citizens instead of 5 to be valid.
  • PVP: Neutral players can no longer drag incapacitated players that have a TEF.
  • PVP: Dragging a player with a TEF will result in the TEF being passed along to the player doing the dragging.
  • Fixed a problem where the client would sometimes not connect to the customer service server and thus allow them to submit tickets.
  • Fixed a problem where the customer service server was denying bug submission in some cases.
  • Made the localization more meaningful when submitting a customer service ticket.
  • Removed the high efficiency harvester maintenance penalty as it imbalanced heavy harvesters and punishing experimentation. This change will immediately affect all deeded and placed harvesters, you do not need to redeed your harvester.
  • Examining deeds now properly displays hourly maintenance instead of mislabeled half-hourly maintenance.
  • Added no-build radius around Lok imperial outpost
  • Bio-Engineer: Removed Tissue mods from applying to armor.
  • Player Associations: Group leader can no longer be kicked from the PA by other members.
  • Player Associations: Fix guild updates not working properly on clusters with large numbers of Player Associations.
  • Musicians: Fixed a problem where you would sometimes get stuck in the outro state and unable to play music.
  • Teras Kasi: Fixed center of being command. Defense mods now work.
  • Fixed an issue with credit drops from NPCs that were too small.
  • Rubberbanding: Fixed a bug that could trigger movement validation errors on movement when a player was slowing down in some circumstances.
  • You can now properly pick up and move ballot boxes and data terminals in houses.
  • Hanging Clients: Fixed a bug that could cause a client to hang when loading the world.
  • Unity rings should no longer decay or need insurance

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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