>> Publish 1

  • Fixed bazaar terminal issues in (the previously named) Lianorm Swamp area. These should be functional again.
  • Crafting missions would grant schematics that would sometimes not get deleted if you abort the mission. Eventually this can clutter up the datapad with undestroyable and useless schematics. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue (recently created) where doors on player structures wouldn't open when you approached them, even if you had access to the structure.
  • T-21 changed (again)
    • Armor piercing raised to Heavy
    • Max Damage raised to 200..375
    • Min Damage raised to 80..115
    • Attack Speed raised to 65..105
    • Zero Range Mod lowered to -70
    • MaxRange Mod Raised to 10
  • We now attempt to detect cases where a character has lost a skill accidentally (through a bug that we haven't been able to track down yet). When we detect that this happens, we will now automagically restore the skill.
  • Fixed an issue with stat migration - on login, we detect if you have a stat migrated out of the correct species range (ie, the value is too high and we need to lower it, or the value is too low, and we need to raise it) we automatically fix the problem. Players who run into this issue will receive an in-game email informing them of it.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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