>> Publish 7

  • HAM: Personal HAM bar now reflects increased (buffed) maximum attributes.
  • Missions: Made some optimizations to the mission system to combat lag. Requesting a mission on a planet like Dantooine should be somewhat faster.
  • Turrets: Fixed problems for old turrets not attacking correctly.
  • Turrets: Fixed problems with bases having old turrets not sealing.
  • Player Cities: Corrected a bug that was causing incorrect nearby player structures to be deleted when attempting to destroy a player city garden.
  • Quests: The two "force" quests at the Jedi temple ruins on Dantooine can no longer be taken by players who are already Jedi.
  • Bestine Politician Event: Players will now get the option to ask for their reward when the candidate they voted for was in office.
  • Creature Handler: Ranged Attack training now works on BE created pets with ranged attacks.
  • Dancer/Musician: Performance buffs now add buff amount to current value instead of just setting the maximum value.
  • Doctor: Fixed the use command on the Fire Blanket.
  • Doctor: Fire Blanket now usable from the hotkey bar.
  • Pets: PCD will display damage and other combat stats for pets.
  • Treasure Map: Fixed a problem where all treasure maps were falsely stating that it was a fake when you tried to use them. Some treasure maps should now work when they are used.
  • Vendors/Bazaar: The purchasing of a container now displays a warning message about the name of the container not reflecting the contents of the container.
  • Misc: Fixed some text errors on the Junk Dealer and Underworld Smuggler loading screens.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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