>> Publish 9

(Publish 9.2)

Wookiee Armor Sets 2 and 3

  • This update to the game brings us the much anticipated Kashyyykian Hunting and Black Mountain Armor! The intermediate set of armor is the Black Mountain Armor. There is also the fabled Kashyyykian Hunting Armor for the Wookiees taking the fight to the Empire.

The Old Mos Espa Arena Circuit is now Live!

  • Fly your speeder along the same course as Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace! Be sure to check out the Old Mos Espa Arena Circuit by starting at Tatooine 2380, 5000.

Crafting Quests

  • NPC contractors located in Commerce Guild Halls in static cities can give out new crafting missions. There are mission difficulties of easy, challenging, and difficult (depending upon the Artisan-related skill boxes a player possesses). The rewards granted are credits and a small experience point bonus associated with crafting the item. The goal of the implementation of the Crafting Quests is to provide our wide variety of crafting professions the chance to use/sell their otherwise obsolete items and wares, creating a market for novice and intermediate crafters in a market of masters.


  • Necklaces will now display correctly in the character's inventory

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