>> Publish 8

Droid Modules

  • A stimpack droid will no longer grant a stimpack to a player that has wounds but is at full health.

Imperial Crackdown

  • After successful operations, the Imperial Novatroopers have been relieved of their duties in the Imperial Crackdown.
  • Imperial Crackdown NPC's will give less of a faction and XP rewards when killed in combat.

Manual Turrets

  • Rank 4's should now be able to use the manual turrets

New User Experience

  • The "Using a Travel Voucher" window will reappear when logging back in if you logged out while it was on your screen. This is to prevent cases where the voucher could not be used.
  • Fixed numerous typos in the quest text.
  • Now new players can share listeners with band members for the final Entertainer task.
  • Medic final quest counter will now give the correct count.

Stormtrooper Respect

  • Corrected some punctuation and grammar errors.


  • Structures should now report the correct amount of credits needed to repair them at all times.


  • Added prompt to continue with the tutorial after the melon has been removed from the crate.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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