>> Publish 11

Version 103880.103882


  • Fixed zone map reset button to actually focus on the player's ship


  • Right clicking on a mission critical ship in the zone map and selecting "auto-pilot to" will now take you to it's current location instead of it's spawn location
  • When flying a ship, if you have no target and get hit by a missile, you will now automatically target the ship that launched the missile.


  • Fixed a particle object leak that would cap out the number of particles show on screen. This would keep bolts and other effects from being rendered.
  • Priority system changes for effects to help keep blaster bolts from disappearing
  • Fixed weird black shader on on YT-1300

Player Associations

  • Redeeding old (9-lot) guildhalls will give you back 9 lots, instead of just giving 7 (However, you can still recover the 2-lots by paying any amount of maintenance on the hall - no need to redeed it just to convert it to a 7-lot hall).

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