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FS Quests

  • The crate of supplies Whip sends you to find will be automatically placed in your inventory when you arrive at the crashed transport (resolves certain issues with crate not spawning, spawning in tree, underwater, under a house, etc.) If you cannot find the transport crash site, you can return to Whip and request a new site to search for.


  • The timer for Unused vendors becoming in danger of getting deleted was changed from 14 days to 100 days. The timers on Empty vendors were unchanged. Empty vendors still become in danger of deletion after 14 days, and then get deleted if they remain empty for an additional 14 days. This means that the code for Unused vendors is likely to never get called. An Unused vendor will end up Empty and later get deleted before the 100 day timer can kick in.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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