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(Publish 10.4)

  • Disturbance in the Force

There has been a great disturbance in the force. An unknown power has surged through the galaxy in defense of the Jedi. The Empire's database of known Jedi has been inexplicably purged. All Bounty Terminals have gone blank. In response, the Empire has renewed all of its Bounty Hunter terminal contracts.

Given recent changes to Jedi, as a one time event:

  • Jedi Visibility has been reset to zero.
  • Jedi players with experience below (-1 Million) has been raised to (-1 Million)


  • Jedi players will gain visibility if the following actions are performed while players or NPCs are near:
    • Equipping a lightsaber.
    • Engaging in combat with a lightsaber.
    • Using a force power.


  • Jedi visibility is reset to zero only when a bounty hunter that has a mission on a Jedi kills that Jedi. Visibility is not reset by random Jedi death.

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