>> Publish 7

  • Wookiees: Added Kashyyykian Ceremonial Armor.
  • Entertainers: Added additional check to make NPCs stop their entertained mood when player stops performing.
  • Furniture Movement: Improved the functionality of /movefurniture.
  • GCW: Added a feign death check for the Power Regulator, Security, Override, and Uplink terminals in the HQs.
  • GCW: Players can no longer access faction base terminals if they are feigned death.
  • Imperial Shakedown: Added functionality so that Jedi don't get turned overt when being scanned.
  • Items: Added some checks to prevent cases where items would go missing in houses occasionally until the next server restart.
  • Missions: Changed the mission terminal UI so that you can no longer open it from anywhere on the planet.
  • Rifleman: Added certification to use Berserker Rifle at Rifleman - Abilities 3
  • Weapon Certifications: Fixed several weapon certification typos.
  • Misc: Added "Current Announcement" functionality to the first loading screen.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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