>> Publish 10

  • Jedi Visibility is now cleared upon completion of a successful bounty hunter mission against the Jedi. This fixes an issue where bounty TEFs were not clearing. All bounty TEFs will now be cleared correctly upon death from a bounty hunter.

Force Sensitivity

  • Fixes players who have completed the FS village phase 2 crafting quest who did not get their skills opened.
  • Fixes players who failed the FS village phase 2 crafting quest by going to another planet and receiving a "Failed Mission" message upon leaving the planet. All players doing this quest should no longer receive a "failed mission" message.
  • Power up reward from the village Search and Destroy missions can no longer be used on lightsabers.

Padawan Trials

  • Fix for players who fail or quit the Padawan trials, and then when they start again cannot tune a light crystal. This also allows players currently in this state to use a Force shrine and it will automatically fix the problem for them.

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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