>> Publish 8

  • AI: AI should deathblow more frequently now the higher level the enemy is.
  • Combat: Players should no longer be able to attack from inside a building if they cannot see their target.
  • GCW: Covert detectors will again place a TEF on appropriate players.
  • Item Manipulation: You can now swap weapons even if your inventory is full
  • Survey Missions: Survey missions that fail due to the player being too close to the mission giver will report how close the player is to the mission giver and how far away they need to be.
  • New User Experience: Brawler and marksmen can now get credit for their quests when in a group.
  • New User Experience: Fix for losing a crafted cdef pistol when choosing a marksman weapon style.
  • UI: Attribute Modifiers window now has a close button.
  • UI: Added a directional arrow to the group member UI window. The direction arrow shows the direction of the group member relative to the camera's viewpoint. This should be useful when quickly trying to find group members. If the player is out of range, the arrow turns gray. If the group member is targeted, the arrow shows up blue; otherwise, the arrow shows up as the same color as the overhead text for the group member.
  • Vendor/Bazaar: When purchasing an item using instant sale, if the item would normally be able to be retrieved from that location, the item will automatically be put into your inventory if possible.
  • Misc: Examining a creature will now report the combat difficulty of the creature (as in the /con command).

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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