>> Publish 2

  • Fixed issue with factories that caused powerups (as well as other items) to not have the correct attributes
  • Fixed issue with destroy missions that caused the objective to be destroyed as it spawned; however, they may block entrances to buildings again
  • Made low level, non-aggressive pets created by bio-engineers to be "tame-able" and all low level, non-aggressive pets to be "trade-able" by anyone
  • Fixed a case where redeeding your structure would fail, causing you to lose the structure and the deed
  • Fixed issue with image designers that allowed some combinations that were not intended
  • Fixed issue causing signs to not be displayed properly
  • Added an email warning that is sent to you when your structure's condition drops below 50%
  • Streamlined Customer Service UI categories for more efficient ticket handling

Archived from [Official SWG Update Archive]

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