>> Publish 28
Update Notes April 28, 2006 (a.k.a Publish 28.1)


  • World terrain has been restored.

Profession RespecEdit

  • Profession Respec has been improved so that changing from Combat or Non-Combat professions will no longer put your character at risk for losing levels.
  • If you have respec'ed your character BEFORE publish 28, you will need to do one of the following before visiting a Respec NPC:
-Log into the game and have your Profession Respec kit in your inventory.


-Take your Profession Respec kit to your house, drop the item and then pick it back up.
Doing either of these actions prior to visiting the Respec NPC will properly safeguard your character from any risk of losing levels upon changing profession.
  • Respec'ing your character's profession:
    • When respec'ing from a combat profession to another combat profession, you will keep your Combat Level.
    • When Respec'ing from a Combat Profession to a Non-Combat Profession, you will start out at the beginning of the skill progression. If you respec back to a combat profession, your character's level will be whatever level it was when you changed professions.
For example, if you were a level 45 Officer when you respec'ed, you will be a level 45 Officer if you respec back to the Officer Profession.
    • If you Respec to a non-combat profession, you will keep whatever levels earned for that profession.
For example, if you are a level 90 Bounty Hunter and respec to Entertainer, you will be a level 1 Entertainer. If you get to level 25 and change back to Bounty Hunter, you will be level 90. If you transfer back to Entertainer, you will be whatever level your character was prior to the switch. In this case, you would be a level 25 Entertainer.
    • The Trader Profession also works as described above.

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