Live April 29th Version 0.121430


  • Some AI have learned the art of the death blow.


  • Increasing values of accuracy and defense buffs and debuffs for a more noticable effect


  • Loot drops that consist of stacks of items, such as a stack of Krayt Dragon Tissue, cannot be directly used as a crafting ingredient. An item must be removed from the stack and used instead.


  • All DoT messages should now be displayed as combat spam instead of system messages


  • Entering a structure that an AI does not have permission to enter, causes the AI to exit combat.


  • You should no longer be able to attempt to use a medical enhancer if you do not have the appropriate command
  • The squad leader /boostMorale command should now work a little better when the group has a very small number of wounds


  • Pets now follow their master after exiting combat
  • Pets now understand the guard command again
  • Fixed role icon issues with pets joining the group
  • Pets will no longer have Action or Mind wounds

Vehicles / Mounts

  • Fixed problem where avatar would stand up if a weapon was equipped while driving a vehicle
  • Performing medical actions while mounted should no longer attempt to execute the command
  • Fixed a problem where holding a weapon while driving a vehicle or sitting in a chair in space could cause the avatar's back to go through chair


  • Color palettes are properly formatted
  • Fixed a bug where the experience bars in the skill screen would sometimes be in the wrong place
  • Heads should no longer twitch when targeting another player, NPC, or creature.
  • Icons now show up for advanced and improved actions in the skills granted section of the skills window
  • Added "Queued" message to tooltip of queued command in the toolbar
  • Inventory windows now default to having the examine window open, for new characters
  • Loading Screen Fixes

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