>> Publish 25
Update Notes December 1st, 2005
Version 0.143236


  • Jedi have more protection with this update!
  • All creatures and NPCs over level 21 have been balanced for fun combat.
  • All special abilities that are snares have been fixed!
  • Melee combat improved!
  • Weakness Timer reduced!

Character CreationEdit

  • If you create a new character with a name that is already being used, you will no longer be switched back to the beginning character creation screen. You should be able to pick a new name and continue normally.


  • All creatures and NPCs level 21 and up have had their difficulty reduced.
  • Fixed all snares (snares are special abilities).
  • The duration for the weakness timer was reduced from 2.5 minutes to 1 minute. If you are incapacitated a second time in less than 1 minute, you will be cloned.
  • Melee attacks will hit more frequently against moving creatures and NPCs.
  • Melee combat speed for respec'd characters should be improved.

Profession: JediEdit

  • Added Force Protection to Jedi Robes/Cloaks. This will provide protection for Jedi based on the level requirement of the item. Force Protection numerical values are found on the Character sheet once the object is equipped.
  • Added various new Jedi Robes to provide Protection from levels 40-80, Happy Hunting!
  • The "Two Handed" Force Throw special ability should work correctly.


  • The RSF mainframe quest can now be completed.
  • The legacy quest, "Jabba's Dirty Work" will now give you the proper waypoint to complete the quest.
  • The legacy quest, "Digital Infection" will now give you better information on how to upload the virus during the quest.
  • The "Activating the Terminal" quest will no longer award experience points.

Server Stability EnhancementsEdit

  • Improved some lag and over-spawning issues.

User InterfaceEdit

  • The class icon for the HAM bar has been corrected to display the proper profession icon.

Veteran RewardsEdit

  • The exclusive veteran reward, "Favor of the Elders" will no longer be granted to new players. It will only be granted to characters that were created before publish 25.

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