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Update Notes December 20th, 2005


  • Players in melee combat should now be able to more easily hit a moving enemy.

Experience PointsEdit

  • Double Experience Points have been turned on!
  • Experience Points (XP) earned in Space will now count as Experience Points (XP) on the ground.


  • Backpacks and other containers you may have in your inventory that have items in them can no longer be sold to a junk dealer.
  • Items that have been traded to another player after the list of sellable items is displayed can no longer be sold to prevent accidentally selling prized items.
  • Loot items that can auto-stack will properly stack.


  • Rage of the Wookiees: Arena Challenge - Face Wirartu: This group quest can now be properly completed.
  • Trials of Obi-Wan: A History Lesson Part II: The NPC Skar has been moved to prevent him from falling off the platform or getting stuck.
  • Anger and Harmony: The "Twisted Creatures" will now appear in the Ruined Tusken Village on Tatooine at -7556, -1863.
  • Borvo's Side Quest: When returning to Captain Dustrunner on Borvo's quest to kill the NPC Aldalad, Capt Dustrunner will now properly appear so you can finish the quest.
  • New Player Experience: Fixed an issue where some players on Frelka's Quests were being granted the second quest in the series before the first quest was finished.
  • New Player Experience: Fixed an issue where some players who were sent to Serissu for pilot training ended up with 2 sets of space quests. Now there will be only 1 quest.
  • Sol Wintide's Quest: Players will now be able to complete this quest and get the reward.
  • The Repo Man: The waypoint given for Pah's Speeder has been corrected. The correct waypoint is -2872, 2587 .
  • Watto's Droid Head quest: Players have been deleting this quest and it is a quest that has to be completed as part of the Legacy Quest story arc. When this quest is deleted, players get stuck so this quest can no longer be deleted.


  • NPC's on Kashyyyk who were stuck up in the Wroshyr trees have been moved to the ground.
  • Dynamic Points of Interest such as Rebel, Imperial and Hutt camps that have been appearing (spawning) on players and causing them to get stuck will no longer appear.
  • All players can now comprehend the Wookiee language (Shyriiwook).

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