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Update Notes December 23rd, 2005


  • Watto's: Putting It Together (Watto's Droid Head Quest): We have addressed the issues with Watto's Droid Head Quest so that it can be completed. Players currently on the quest will also be able to complete the mission.
  • The Gungan Battle Droid: Fixed an issue with Boss Nass talking to players. You will now be able to talk to Boss Nass and complete the quest.
  • Rage of the Wookiees: Clone War Relics: Queen Kylantha Quest: Out of the Ashes (Arc-170 Quest): Fixed an issue where the Wookiee prisoner Grrallo wouldn't appear in Trandoshan Slaver Camp #2. The Prisoner should now appear and you will be able to complete the quest.
  • Rage of the Wookiees: Clone War Relics: Avenging Mort Morkov should now work correctly for Rebel and Neutral players trying to complete the clone trooper armor quests.
  • Rage of the Wookiees: Kashyyyk Space Missions: Fixed an issue that would occur when completing Emma's duty mission quests. The Kashyyyk space station should now offer the Blacksun Heavy quest properly for neutral pilots so you can now complete all chapters of this mission.

Server Stability EnhancementsEdit

  • Added more server stability fixes.

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